Lipo-Massage in Sioux Falls

Get rid of annoying body fat with Lipo-massage at Healing Touch, a trusted body-massage clinic in Sioux Falls. Our seasoned therapists practice the most scientific massage techniques to provide the best result.

What is a Lipo-massage?

Are you concerned about gaining weight? Well, obesity is a growing global health concern that is responsible for some deadly diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and some cancers. People with sedentary life devoid of physical activities are mostly susceptible to obesity and related health conditions. However, due to excessive workload, practicing physical exercises are not always possible. Lipo-massage is an excellent solution to get rid of those extra pounds easily.

Lipo-massage facilitates fat burning metabolism in the fat cells known as lipolysis. At Healing Touch Massage Clinic, with the help of manual massage stimulation our therapists allow you to get rid of disproportionate fat depositions at certain areas of the body. This massage is great appropriate for thighs, lower back, stomach, hip, buttocks and arms. Some of the popular techniques are similar to that of Swedish massage. It involves kneading motion, a rolling motion that sculpt and applying pressure using the fists.

Is Lipo-Massage a Safe Procedure?

Lipo-massage is a non-invasive procedure designed to reduce cellulite. This makes it a safe and effective procedure to reduce fat. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also ratified this fat reduction procedure.

At Healing Touch Massage Clinic, our certified therapists follow all the safety measures in their lipo-massage techniques. After assessing your detailed medical records our therapist would follow the appropriate massage techniques.

Benefits of Lipo-Massage

Lipo-massage offers a multitude of advantages over other invasive cellulite therapies. Apart from reducing cellulites lipo massage has provide a lot of other benefits such as:

Why Choose Healing Touch Massage Clinic?

Healing Touch is a leading massage clinic at Sioux Falls with years of rich experience. Our specialized massage therapists are skilled in a variety of massage therapies. From Swedish message or lipo massage they have specialized expertise in different techniques providing authentic healing experience. Plus, we offer competitive prices for all the sessions based on the duration of the sessions. For lipomassage we charge $100 for a 45 minute session.