Yoga with You in Mind

Yoga with You in Mind

Yoga with You in Mind

For years I did yoga at the back of the studio (away from the mirrors) or alone in my home, for a multitude of reasons:

  1. I didn’t know the sanskrit words for the asanas (poses) and felt like I couldn’t keep up.
  2. I was overweight and inflexible. I compared myself to everyone else in the room and felt extremely out of place.
  3. I didn’t have the balance or range of motion needed and felt like a major f*ck up. I prayed for the savasana (corpse pose), so I could lay still, breathe, and berate myself for being such a fraud.

Yoga, like every part of your health and wellness, is a journey. One which consists of parts, choose your own adventure, and real self reflection. And believe me, I tried it all; Bikram Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Runner’s Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Restorative… the list goes on. 

It wasn’t until I found myself sobbing in child’s pose on my mat in the middle of a yoga conference that I realized I hadn’t been connected to my body the entire time I had been attempting yoga practices. I was following an instructor who had no knowledge of my needs; physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. That’s when I went looking for something more.

As a ModiYoga Facilitator, I was able to choose a more integrative and holistic wellness path; specializing in trauma-informed care, because that is what I needed for myself. I have worked with people from ages 6 to 83, ranging from kids with serious ADHD and zoomies, bodybuilders losing range of motion due to muscle bulking, and post-surgery patients working with their PT and Doctors to heal more rapidly.

The ModiYoga approach is to truly understand the individual and their needs. We will work together to build a yoga flow that works for you, as you are today. We evaluate your range of motion, physical, mental, and emotional sensations in different poses that will help with your particular needs. We continue to evaluate the process along the way to keep you moving forward in your best wellness mindset.

Let me break that down

  1. We consider all of your needs. Where are you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually in your health & healing process? What are your pinch points, aches, tensions, mental blocks, old injuries, worries or concerns about adopting a yoga practice?
  2. We work with you to create a short routine of asanas (poses) to help stretch your problem area. Usually no more than 15-30 minutes of movement. A yoga practice utilized in tandem with regular massage therapy increases pain management probabilities greatly.
  3. We’ll develop a plan of utilization. Allowing you to choose the frequency and time of day you intend to conduct your yoga, whether alone, with me, or at one of our weekly Hot Yoga classes (Wednesdays & Sundays 1:30pm at Ignite Studio)
  4. We evaluate your progress physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to add, subtract, or re-align the process to meet your needs. So your yoga is in harmony with your personal health and growth potential. An example would be moving from seated or supported poses to freestanding over time.

Yoga time with me consists of breathwork, guided meditation, and connecting with the sensations of the body as we move. Allowing our bodies to guide us gently or deeper into asanas as we feel ready. And as the name suggests, ModiYoga, allows for a variety of pose variations to allow for comfort at all experience levels and abilities.

Contact Healing Touch Wellness to get your name on the list for upcoming yoga gatherings. You can also set up a time to meet with me one-on-one to get started. Don’t forget to consult your primary physician when making changes to your health & wellness routine to make sure we are all working in unison. That’s the Integrative Health way.

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