Drug-Free Solution for Pain

Exploring the Drug-Free Solution for Pain: Alternatives of Pharmaceuticals

Every one of us has experienced some sort of regular pain such as headache, abdominal cramps, muscle cramps and so on. Some pains become unbearable after some time and often hampers our ability to carry on with daily chores. We generally take recourse to over the counter or doctor prescribed medications to get rid of the pain. 

In today’s fast paced work life back pains and headaches are extremely common. This indicates frequent dosage of pain relief drugs are being consumed by the people. It is also not always possible to think about any drug-free solution amidst the busy work schedule. However, excessive consumption of pain relief drugs has serious long-term side-effects which can cause irreparable damages. The following blog would discuss some of the most effective drug-free solutions for pain. 

Substitute of Drug-Based Pain Relief

It is effective to try out the alternative drug-free solution for pain to prevent serious health issues later on. The following section of the blog would discuss some of the effective alternative drug-free solutions for pain. 

Reiki Therapy

As a busy working professional it must be hard for you to take out time for a reiki session. However, taking a reiki session on the weekends would be an excellent idea to go for a healing experience. It is one of the safest alternatives of pain relief medications without any side effects. 

In reiki, a sort of healing energy will be transmitted from the palm of the reiki practitioner to you. The energy flowing freely inside your body helps to alleviate multiple body pains. Additionally, it reduces stress, anxiety, and promotes deeper relaxation. Thus, this is a must try out for you to get rid of your pains in the safest possible way. 

Practicing Yoga 

Incorporating yoga therapy in your weekly schedule would help you to stay away from pain-relief drugs. There are multiple yoga postures and exercises meeting different purposes.  This includes, release of muscle tension, weight loss, enhanced circulations, relieving pain, boosting immune systems and many more. 

However, it is important for you to know that practicing wrong posture would be counterproductive for your health. Thus, you must consult your doctor and yoga practitioners regarding your unique needs beforehand. It would help them to suggest the yoga exercises that are appropriate for you.  

Massage Therapy

Massage therapies are an age-old proven strategy as an alternative drug-free solution of pain. Therapeutic massage or healing hands massage is especially effective for relieving pains around lower back, neck, shoulder and muscular cramps. There are a range of massage therapies such as deep tissue massage and Swedish massage. 

These therapies offer different pain relief solutions. So, you can explore the different therapies to identify the one that is best for you. Additionally, you must inform your therapist if you feel uncomfortable during the sessions to avoid any harmful side effects. 


In the fast paced world it is difficult to give time for your physical and mental wellness. However, in order to enhance your productivity on the work front, mental and physical wellness is imperative. On the other hand, taking a quick drug-based pain relief solution might give you relief for the time being. 

However, taking pain relief drugs for a long time entails serious health implications. The above mentioned drug-free solution for pain would enable you to relieve your pain without depending on harmful drugs.

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